Sakura Gelly Rolls Moonlights -pack of 12 (Various)

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The Sakura Gelly Roll Moonlight Set of 12 contains water and chemical resistant pens which give a constant flow of ink until the ink is completely used up. 

These are perfect for different creative applications such as: scrapbooks, making cards and other creative activities using paper.

Fluorescent: assorted set of 12 colours: yellow, orange, coral, pink, red, magenta, violet, blue, turquoise and green and a basic white and a stardust clear. They have a size 10 nib which produces a 0.5mm line.

Cosmos: assorted set of 12 colours: Blue, Lavender, Bordeaux (wine), Blue Green, Sky Blue, Fresh Green, Leaf Green, Van Dyke Brown, Pale Brown, Yellow Ochre, Blue Grey and Cool Grey. The pens have a size 6 nib which produces a 0.35mm line.

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