Specialist Journaler Lux Box (various journal options)

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We have put this box together because we think this is the ideal collection of items for someone intending to become an expert at bullet journaling, or someone looking to replenish supplies.  This has the ideal pens for all journaling and fantastic brush pens and washi tape for adding colour to your spreads.

The Luxury Specialist Bujo Supplies box contains:

1. Your choice of one of our pre-stamped Favourite journals.

2. A Pigma Micron pen

3. Tombow fundenosuke hard and soft tip brush pens

4. A pack of Sakura white Gelly rolls - 3 x medium

5. A Tombow Fundenosuke twin tip pen

6. A 6-pack of Tombow dual-brush pens

7. 3 rolls of washi tape

8. 5 coloured Sakura Gelly Rolls

Why choose us?

Hand-stamped in the UK

All our journals are hand-stamped by us so we can be sure that every journal we send out is perfect .

Why choose us?

Superb quality

Why choose us?

Make it your own

All the best
journaling supplies

Whether for artistic journaling or simple writing

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