Gelly Roll Moonlight Cosmos 3-pack (various)

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Moonlight pens are perfect for coloured paper and look incredible on the black, brown and white paper in our Club Sandwich journals.

The Sakura Gelly Roll pens contains special water based pigment gel ink to give bright, intense colours which never fade. Thanks to the unique gel ink technology, the ink flow from the pen is always constant.

We have five variants for the 3-pack:


  • 1x Lavender Gel Pen
  • 1x Sky Blue Gel Pen
  • 1x Blue Grey Gel Pen


  • 1x Bordeaux Gel Pen
  • 1x Blue Green Gel Pen
  • 1x Ultra Marine Gel Pen


  • 1x Cool Grey Gel Pen
  • 1x Fresh Green Gel Pen
  • 1x Leaf Green Gel Pen


  • 1x Light Grey Gel Pen
  • 1x Warm Grey Gel Pen
  • 1x Green Grey Gel Pen


  • 1x Pale Brown  Gel Pen
  • 1x Yellow Ochre Gel Pen
  • 1x Van Dyke Brown Gel Pen

Gelly Roll pens can be used to write, draw and colour on almost any type of card or paper of any colour, making them a good match for our black paper. You can also use them for watercolouring, and the vibrant colours do not fade, making them perfect for journaling, card making, scrapbooking and many other papercraft projects.

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