Faber-Castell Black Edition 12-pack colouring pencils (2 colour choices)

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These Faber Castell pencils are made of high-quality black wood from sustainable forestry.

The super-soft lead, which is unbreakable thanks to a special bonding process, guarantees stunning results even on dark or coloured paper.

They work extremely well on any notebook with black pages, such as our Club Sandwich and Little Black Book journals.

Take your pick of colouring pencils.  From Faber Castell pastel pencils to neon pencils and original primary colour pencils – there’s a hue to suit every mood.

Like every pencil from Faber Castell, they look stylish and rest comfortably in the hand thanks to their ergonomic triangular shape – making them perfect art pencils, for producing fantastic artistry.

Their extra-soft pigment allows the intensely vibrant colours to really stand out.

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