Specialist Journaler Lux Box (various journal options)

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Possibly the perfect collection of items for an artistic bullet journaling enthusiast, or someone who enjoys the finest personalised notebooks / a luxurious and extensive notebook and pen set. 

This set includes a personalised journal, and a selection of luxury pens and washi tape designs – to enhance the journaling experience.  Suited for adults of every age, or teens, who will enjoy making the lay flat, premium paper pages of the personalised journal their own.

This box includes:

  • Your choice of luxury notebook
  • Hard and soft Tombow Fudenosuke brush pens (both black)
  • A micron pigma pen (black)
  • A pack of 3 x Sakura white gelly roll pens (medium tips) These can be used over the Fudenosuke brush pens to add white headings on black, or correct mistakes.
  • A Tombow Fudenosuke twin tip pen
  • A Tombow dual brush pen pack – 6 pens (your choice)
  • 5 coloured Sakura gelly roll pens (our selection)
  • 3 rolls of Washi tape (our choice)

For added colour, you can shop separately for more washi tape, as well as extra colour gel pens, metallic gel pens, pastel pens or Faber Castell colouring pencils.

Customer Reviews

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Emma Clare
A special treat

It was such a pleasure to receive my Specialist Journaler Lux Box. It was full of useful products and was such great value for money. The original Lux Box an A5 journal included but I was so pleased that the B5 journal became an option after I requested it. I can't recommend The Ink Pot enough. So helpful and very fast service.

Sue Beeson
Something a bit special !

The Specialist Journaler Lux box is an ideal gift for someone embarking on a new stage in their life or starting a new year. Everything in the box is ready to start. Brilliant idea .

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