Sakura Gelly Roll Pens: More Than Just a Pen

A pen is never just a pen and this applies doubly when it comes to gel pens!  A good gel pen can elevate a writing, note taking, doodling or drawing experience, in pretty notebooks, from mediocre to sublime. 

When you’re faced with a blank page in a lined journal or dotted paper notebook, it’s a bridge between imagination and reality, a tool for creating clarity and efficiency.

Choose the right one and it allows artists, writers, students, dreamers and professionals alike to capture their thoughts and visions perfectly on paper. 

Amongst the vast ocean of pens available, there’s a name that stands out; it’s one synonymous with excellence: Sakura and, in particular, its famous gelly roll pens.  

But what makes Sakura gelly rolls so special?  Let’s find out:

A Snapshot into the World of the Sakura Gelly Roll

Sakura, whose name evokes the delicate beauty of Japanese cherry blossoms, has been a hallmark of innovation and quality since its inception in 1921.

Its legacy spans a broad spectrum of artistic tools, but its thanks to its pioneering introduction of the world’s first gel-based ink in the 1980s that it really cemented its legendary status in the pen industry. Sakura gel pens were an instant hit – and remain a firm, unrivalled, favourite to this day.

With an unwavering commitment to excellence, combined with a rich history of pushing boundaries in the stationery realm, Sakura seamlessly blends tradition with innovation.  It’s why the Gelly Roll isn’t just any regular pen, it is the first choice for artists, professionals, and students alike.

Why are Sakura Pens so Popular?

  • Vibrant Colours:

One of the standout features of jelly roll pens is the range of vibrant, luminescent colours.  

Unlike other gel pens, which can have a noticeable disparity between the colour you were expecting and the colour that appears on the paper, each gelly roll pen has unparalleled colour payoff.  It is never disappointing. 

In addition, the clear barrel of each gellyroll makes it easy to see how much ink is left and the coloured caps ensure you never grab the wrong one from your pen pot!

  • Smooth Application:

Gone are the days of scratchy pens or inks that skip and then smudge. You know the ones we mean, where you are drawing endless scribbled circles to get the rollerball tip rotating properly again!  Or ones where the ink dries so slowly your work ends up looking a total mess. 

The gel-based ink, which Sakura has been continually improving since its inception, flows seamlessly, making it a delight for users.  It also dries quickly.  So, whilst the pen tip might be fine – for drawing a clear, crisp line – it doesn’t hamper the distribution of ink.  Instead, it ensures the smoothest writing experience, with no skipping at all.  

Its this consistency AND quality that makes it such a boon for those who use them.

  • Versatility:

Not only does each Sakura gelly pen have the richest ink, there is also the most incredible spectrum of colours to choose from.  There really is a Sakura gel pen for every person and every application imaginable.

The Rolls Royce of all journaling pens and a staple of any self-respecting pencil case!  Its waterproof, fade-resistant and chemically stable ink, makes it perfect for legal documents, detailed artwork and note-taking, because the archival ink looks good, permanently.   

Not only do white gel pens show up beautifully on black paper or brown paper – or any colour paper for that matter, they can also be used in place of Tippex. 

If using white paper as your base, you can scribble over an error using the gelly roll white pen, and then write on top of it.  Very useful for anyone prone to the odd error or two – like us!

Or, if you are artistically inclined, you can use them to add detail to your drawings.

These are a glitter lovers delight!  The tiny shimmering particles in the ink of a gelly roll stardust pen dance across the paper, adding that little something extra of delicate sparkle to a page. 

These are the perfect choice for cute bitz lovers!

If you’re looking for metallic gel pens that perform incredibly on dark and light paper, look no further.  The glossy ink looks particularly good against the matte surface of our luxury 160gsm paper and in a black paper notebook.  

  • Neon pens

For those seeking a fluorescent glow, the Sakura Moonlight Fluorescent Gelly Rolls will NOT disappoint.  These really do pop on paper of all colours, even white. 

They are great for highlighting certain words in documents, or helping important stats or figures in your work stand out instantly.

From standard hues to metallic, neon, and even glitter, Sakura Gelly Roll pens offer an incredible spectrum of choice. It’s this variety that makes them useful for a wide selection of applications – from writing heartfelt notes or signing a legal document, to sketching and detailed artwork.  It’s no wonder these are such popular journaling pens.

Why Sakura Gelly Pens Rise Above the Rest

In addition to all the above, when we compare Sakura gelly roll pens to others in the market, there are even further reasons why they rise above the rest:

  • Consistent Quality:

Over the years, Sakura has maintained a reputation for delivering high-quality products, which feature one thing…..consistent quality.  You know that when you buy a Sakura pen it will always perform well.

  • Innovative Ink Technology:

Sakura was the pioneer in introducing gel ink to the market.  However, it’s the company’s commitment to innovation that ensures its pens don't just look good, but that they continue to perform outstandingly too.

The company never rests on its laurels.  Over the years it has continued to refine its gel ink formula, to make it even better than the original.

  • Environmentally Conscious:

Did you know that Sakura Gelly Roll pens are also known for being eco-friendly, with a focus on sustainable production practices.  In an age where sustainability is key, this is a commendable trait.

And there you have it!  Whilst there are countless pens on the market, Sakura pens, especially the Gelly Roll range, have carved a niche for themselves.  They're not just pens; they're an experience – one you can buy, and enjoy, one colour at a time.  Whether you're an artist looking to enhance your creations, a journal enthusiast jotting down memories, or a student or professional seeking a reliable pen for everyday use, Gelly Roll is the answer.  So, the next time you're in search of the perfect pen, remember – not all pens are created equal.