Bujo specialists love our products

We've had some wonderful feedback on our journals this week, which we'd love to share. If you're wondering whether our journals are as fabulous as they look (!)...why not take others words for it....they are!

Bujowithbeth, a renowned BUJO enthusiast with over 10,000 followers on Instagram, has reviewed various notebooks and journals as part of National Stationery Week and her description of our journals included the following:

"The paper is 160gsm which is extremely thick. It feels like sketching paper which I quite like. As a result, there is no ghosting or bleeding as you can see from the photos above. I absolutely love that. ... Overall, I’m really in love with this Ink Pot notebook. I’m very excited to use this as my future Bullet Journal."

(See the full review HERE).

It's worth reading her other reviews too, as we think ours compares very favourably.)

Lilly_bujo from Italy, with nearly 11,000 followers posted the following about our journal: 

She outlined what good value our journals are, thanks to their large number of pages, meaning they last well and also commented on how they are customisable. We particularly love how she's styled and photographed our journal!

Kirsten and Eva