Mind, Body & Journal: 8 Ways to Better Health

The relentless pursuit of health and wellness in the modern era can be downright overwhelming, with an unending deluge of advice and tips coming at us from every corner.  Amid this labyrinth of information, could there exist a single tool, both highly adaptable and budget-friendly, that acts as our compass on this journey towards a healthier, fitter lifestyle? Prepare to be astounded, because the answer is surprisingly straightforward: a humble dotted notebook.  "A journal with dotted paper?  For health?" I hear you chuckling!  But hear me out!  This little beauty, with its neat matrix of dots, or for those who prefer, lines, is much more than just paper and binding.  It's a canvas for creativity, a dashboard for daily tasks, a deposit for inner thoughts, and most importantly, a personal health cheerleader!

You see, cute journals aren’t just about to-do lists or doodling during conference calls (though we've all been there!).  They are also here to revolutionise your wellbeing journey, transforming daunting tasks into manageable, even enjoyable activities.  A dotted journal and a few colourful pens and washi tape can amplify your health and wellbeing in a simple, almost magical way.

Be it tracking hydration, counting those veggie servings, or merely acting as a reminder to take a deep breath and enjoy life's small moments – your note book acts like a superhero, always ready to aid you on your journey to wellness.  Trust me, once you've invited this versatile friend into your health routine, you’ll wonder how you ever managed without it!  So, ready to dive into the wonderful world of dotted journal health tracking, one that is artfully curated by you? 

We say, grab some Faber Castell pencils and a few gelly roll pens for an important date with a luxury journal, AKA your health journal.

  1. How to Hydrate

First up, water.  The unsung hero, good old H2O.  How many times have we overlooked this everyday essential?  Cue the hydration tracker!  Sketch tumblers or droplets in your notebook journal for each glass of water you intend to drink using fine tipped Micron pens, and colour them as you quench your thirst throughout the day.  



Photo: sweetplanit.com

This isn’t just a quirky game, remember, remaining hydrated is essential for keeping both the body andmind functioning fabulously.

  1. How to Stress Less

Next on the agenda, let's tackle the ever-looming spectre of stress, which can be quite the nuisance, can’t it?  Indeed, it can be more than that; stress can have a profound effect on us - our health and the way we function.

So, let’s tackle it bullet journal UK style!  An A5 bullet journal or a B5 bullet journal provides an excellent canvas for designing a personalised stress tracker; one that monitors your daily stress levels, where you can pinpoint stress triggers.


Photo: Pinterest

Encountered a particularly taxing day? It's time to investigate the root of the stress spike and devise anti-stress activities.  A brisk walk in the park, maybe?  Or a soothing yoga session accompanied by calming music?  The power to destress is now at your fingertips, literally.

  1. A Dotty Workout Plan

Getting fit and exercising isn’t just about struggling through any old workout nor is it just about breaking a sweat.  It's about shattering old habits and forming healthier ones; ones that work best for your age and stage, body shape and body type.  After all, we are all unique.

By utilising your bullet journal as a de facto gym planner, you can create your very own, tried and tested training plan.  It will be one that truly reflects just how unique you are – i.e., you can chart workout goals and track progress, note which movements work best for your muscles etc.


Photo: anjahome.com

You can also have a little fun at the same time.  Your custom notebook can be the arena where you spice things up – how long can you hold that plank, how much quicker can you run that mile, how many more reps can you do etc.

  1. Finessing The Art of Self-Care

In the pursuit of cultivating good habits and prioritising self-care, consider your bullet journal as a best friend, a confidant, housed in an appealing A5 journal or even a larger B5 size if you prefer.

Picture this: you're fashioning a set of self-care ideas - a sort of self-care day bingo with your trusty midliner and Tombow brush pens, filling each square with soul-nurturing activities.  

It can be anything that nurtures and nourishes you - from immersing yourself in a riveting book, indulging in a relaxing bubble bath, or creating a delectable, nutritious meal, list actions and activities that hold the power to renew your spirits. It will remind you to stop, take stock and take time for yourself, in the midst of your frenetic day.  And,  as you accomplish each activity, let the satisfying glide of your journal pens mark off the squares.  Reach a ‘Full House’ and give yourself a hearty pat on the back - you're investing in yourself!

  1. How to be Grateful

Your lined notebook can also serve as a space to fostering a mindset of gratitude – something that has been proven to improve our health and wellbeing.

It’s simple to create your own gratitude log.  Pick your favourite fine tipped black pen and something colourful, like an ecoline brush pen and write something you’re grateful for or a positive thought on each line. 

Photo: @bohoberry

Being able to revisit your high points, good habits and accomplishments, no matter how big or small, is always a positive boost for your mental health, because an attitude of gratitude forces you to focus on all the positive, rather than negative, in your life.

  1. Sleep - Your Silent, Restorative Companion

Moving on, we address sleep, an often-underestimated factor in our well-being. Now's the time to give it the attention it rightfully deserves. Utilise your bullet journal as a sleep tracker, creating a visual representation of your rest patterns with your arsenal of pretty notebooks and journaling pens.


Photo: bujoncoffee.com

Are those late-night Netflix binges encroaching on your sleep?  Your journal, now turned sleep advocate, won't fib about it!

  1. How to Eat Well

Oliver Twist may have opined, “Food glorious food! We’re anxious to try it! Three banquets a day, our favourite diet! – but beyond its culinary charm, food is our vital life force, and proper nutrition is integral to our health.  You might ask how a bullet journal could aid this.  Well, it holds the potential to be an insightful nutritional compass.  A dedicated food chart section can chronicle daily meals, painting a vivid portrait of dietary patterns.  It will help you turn dietary detective, so there’s no more predominance of beige on your plate!

Photo: @jashiicorrin

As well as logging everything you eat and drink, you can also introduce a meal planner into your journal.  This means saying goodbye to those last-minute "What's for dinner?" panics, which invariably lead to an unhealthy meal choice.  Instead, carve out a few moments at the start of each week to plan delicious and balanced meals.  


In no time at all your personalized journal can become a repository for new recipes to experiment with.

  1. Self-Reflection

One of the most transformative features of a bullet journal is its innate power to encourage introspection.  That seemingly simple dot grid journal is almost magical!  It gently nudges you to frequently engage in a personal "check-in".

Photo: @bohoberry

Dedicate a customisable spread to consciously note how you're feeling, both physically and emotionally.  Do you notice any recurring patterns?  Perhaps an unexplained tiredness at the same time each day, or emotional ebbs and flows linked to specific events?  These could be signs urging you to modify your routine or seek further advice.  Our bodies have a unique language of their own, and a dotted journal serves as a useful tool to help us tune in and listen.

The Power of Personalisation: Making Your Journal Uniquely You

A custom notebook is a joyous thing.  Thanks to its versatility and adaptability it means you can turn it into an engaging, enjoyable and highly effective ally in your quest for health.  This is because one size never fits all and a blank notebook offers the opportunity to create a YOU approach; one that resonates totally. 

Do you have a penchant for doodling?  Fantastic, make your notebooks a riot of colours.  Remember that paper quality is a bonus – if your journal has 160gsm paper, then pen will not bleed through to the other side. 

Or perhaps you're a fan of minimalistic aesthetics?  There's no issue there - keep your notebook design sleek and simple.  Just remember that this health journal is not about recording past actions, it’s there to act as a guiding beacon towards future goals. 

So, whilst maintaining our health can sometimes appear an intimidating task, why not personalise your journey with a simple A5 lined notebook and transform the challenge into a delightful journey, devoid of any chore-like undertones.  Just select your favourite pen from your collection, find a cosy nook by the window, and start penning the inaugural lines of your personalised health journey, the start of a healthier, happier you!