How to use Trackers in your bullet journal

Trackers are an important part of bullet journaling, if you want them to be. If you don't fancy them, don't use them! I know people who track everything in their journal. I candidly don't track anything. I know I need a lot of sleep and I don't need a journal to tell me when I am tired!

That said, the lovely @_starfishdesigns_ posted a book tracker on her instagram page recently and I did think that this was a superb idea. I love reading but have got obsessed with social media in recent years (twitter is my downfall) and I am trying to get back into reading as it is so much better for me.  This tracker struck me as a great idea and not too difficult to create:

(It is created on our Little Black Book journal but of course do-able on white or Kraft paper journals too.)

However, if this strikes as you as too difficult or time-consuming, it can be done much more simply like this wonderfully simple book tracker by Sasha at Manderley (razzed up with some of our gorgeous washi tape):

There are many things that are routinely tracked by people in their bullet journals: mood, habits, exercise, eating habits. The list is genuinely endless. Whatever you would find useful to track, track. But only if it useful to you.

Eva created this mood tracker last year:

And two of our customers have created these incredible habit trackers:

Creating something this beautiful is not going to be possible for everyone but they are great examples of what you can do with a tracker if you want to get creative.

Here are some other ideas for creating trackers in your bullet journal:

  • sleep
  • films and TV watched
  • vegetables and fruit eaten
  • new things tried
  • self-care tasks
  • meditation
  • work/business trackers like blogs written, social media posts completed
  • days without alcohol/chocolate (not sure why you would do that!), sweets, junk food
  • mobile phone usage

Everyone designs their journal differently - and I have seen some people but trackers at the back and diaries/daily and weekly planners at the front - but my view is that, if you decide you want to do a tracker, just write it wherever you are in your journal at that point. Make sure your pages are paginated and you have an index - if in doubt see our quick guide to getting started here - and you will always be able to find it.

Do send us your trackers if you have any ideas which we have not listed.  We love to see your work in our journals!