Find me a Gift - Affordable Christmas Gift Ideas from The Ink Pot

Welcome to The Ink Pot's Christmas conundrum solver – your trusted companion in the annual festive gifting frenzy.  Our selection of small gifts is carefully curated, designed to transform you from a puzzled present-picker into a gift-giving guru.  Suggestions, include Xmas gifts for men, teenager giftsand gifts for her. There’s no elbowing through crowded shops needed!  This is about maximum impact for minimum effort and easily pinpointing perfect pressies for every character on your Christmas list!

The aim is for stocking fillers for adults or kids stocking fillers to become treasures rather than afterthoughts, and presents under the tree to earn more 'oohs' and 'aahs' than a Christmas cracker joke!  From pleasing a notoriously picky child to satisfying a last-minute guest who pops by for a mince pie, our lineup is a masterclass in sophisticated, clever gifting.

So, join us on this yuletide journey where, we promise, the only thing red will be the holly berries, and not cheeks in embarrassment over a gifting faux pas.  So, grab a glass of mulled wine, relax, and let's unwrap the secrets to winning at this year's Christmas gifting game:


Ok, come on, if you’re anything like us, you’re picky – and rightly so!  After all, there isn’t a woman out there who doesn’t have a penchant for the finer, yet affordable things in life!  The good news is, our collection of notebooks is akin to finding a rare gem in the gifting world.

Tailored for connoisseurs of sophistication, these notebooks are more than just a writing space – they're a statement. Available in the sleek A5 notebook size for portability, or the more expansive B5 notebook for those who like to spread their thoughts, each is filled with notebook paper of dreams – a luxurious 160gsm.  This heavyweight paper ensures a pen's dalliance on one side doesn't become an unintended mural on the other!

Colour? Oh, the choices!  From bold to understated, each hardback notebook is covered in linen or eco-friendly cork, with a choice of lined paper or dotted paper. 

But the pièce-de-résistance?  Personalisation!  With 19 unique The Ink Pot designs that can foil stamped on the front, including a seasonal fir tree or a delicate snowflake, each notebook cover transforms into a bespoke masterpiece.

If our stamps don’t appeal, then why not have a favourite hobby or interest stamped on the front instead?  For instance, the word ‘RECIPES’ might set the heart of a culinary aficionado aflame - turning a humble notebook into their trusted companion in gastronomic escapades.

Or you can keep it simple and have initials, a name, or perhaps a significant year, etched onto the cover. This special touch not only truly personalises, but elevates each notebook from a mere object to cherished keepsake.

For the woman who turns everyday writing into an art form, Tombow pens are the ideal gift.  These dual-sided brush pens come in a wide array of individual colours, allowing the possibility of collating a gift set that's as unique as the individual recipient.  Perfect for adding a creative touch to notes or mastering beautiful handwriting, these pens offer both versatility and style.

  • To Do’ Notebook:

Turn one of our note books into a handy organisational tool!  The New Year is usually the time for making changes, so why not have ‘TO DO’ stamped on a notebook cover, with initials or name added in the personalisation space.  Voila, you’ve created a practical and thoughtful gift for anyone on your list; one that will be used!


  • I Want One of Those!

Getting good Christmas gifts for men can be notoriously tricky!  For the gentlemen in your life, there are many different The Ink Pot foil stamps that might appeal – for instance, a majestic stag or DIY tools for a DIY enthusiast!  For that extra pop of masculine drama choose one of our black paper notebooks!  Of course the added personalisation options ensure the gift is both a statement and a practical item for his daily musings or professional notes.

  • Gel Pens

For the discerning males in your life, who value precision in every stroke, a high-quality gel pen makes an excellent gift.  We recommend Sakura pens.

Renowned for their seamless glide across paper, these gelly roll pens are ideal for effortless note-taking, whether at work or home.  From a single black pen to a curated gel pens set these stand out as our favourites, offering a smudge-free experience that marries functionality with a touch of class.

  • The Holiday Lover:

Know any men with an adventurous spirit?  It’s simple!  Just turn one of our notebooks into a unique TRAVELER'S NOTEBOOK.  Pick the mountain range stamp for the front cover and then add the word ‘TRAVELS’ in the personalisation space and hey presto, our notebook is turned into the perfect companion for his journeys, allowing him to document his trips in style.


 Wellness Journal:

We all know that good mental health is increasingly important.  So why not help a teen in your life with a simple, yet impactful personalised journal. Perfect for jotting down thoughts, feelings, or unleashing creativity through doodles, each lay-flat notebook can be easily transformed into a cool, stress-busting tool. Teens love cute stationery, so pick your favourite The Ink Pot notebook journal and for a special touch we can foil stamp 'WELLNESS' on the cover.  Finally add initials or a name for a thoughtful, memorable gift that encourages mindfulness in their daily routine.

There are highlighters and then there are mildliners!  There’s a reason why Zebra pens are so popular on TikTok – that’s because a Zebra highlighter pen is better than the rest!  Their special ink highlights what needs to be highlighted, without bleeding through the page.  They also come in a beautiful range of unusual, soft shades.

Faber Castell is the go-to name when it comes to pencils that offer the finest colouring performance; which makes Faber Castell pencils top of every teen’s wish list.  They’re great for school projects, field notes, art, or simply adding a vibrant dash of colour to the page.

This is an unsung hero of the stationery world! It's not just tape; it's a revolution in a roll.  It’s great for jazzing up a journal and giving a planner pizzazz.  What is Washi Tape you ask?  It’s tape that sticks and peels off without fuss or trace.  Use it to divide, decorate, or even create nifty little tabs.  Whether you're into sleek sophistication or adore all things cute and whimsical, our array of Washi Tape designs has something for every taste.


  • Colouring Pens

These are little joys for everyone; because no matter our age, who doesn’t love cute stationery and fancy pens!  Always useful, these are great to add into stockings.  The Posca Markers Setand metallic pens by Papermania would be our pick for anyone who loves bold, vibrant colour.

Slide a dash of organised fun into their stocking with our A4 Weekly Planner Pad.  Whether they're the king or queen of chaos or a planning aficionado, this undated planner is a game-changer.  With 50 tear-off sheets of lush 120gsm paper, it's a year's worth of 'aha!' moments waiting to happen.

Available in plain navy for the understated, chic pastel for the trendsetters, or pretty floral for the nature lovers, Planners work for everyone from school-goers to office warriors.  

Tuck little pockets of practical fun into their stockings this Christmas. Sakura paper clips, in an array of playful shapes, are not just functional but a surefire way to bring a smile on Christmas morning; perfect for adding a touch of fun to any workspace, these whimsical wonders are a delight. And for the crafters and organisers alike, the Sakura Quickie Glue pen is a revelation.  Ideal for everything from glittering up scrapbooks to fixing tiny objects, it offers both temporary and permanent adhesion, making it a must-have in any creative toolkit. Practical yet entertaining, these little gems are the stocking fillers they never knew they needed!


Caught off-guard by an unexpected guest or scratching your head over that tricky-to-please friend or relative? Fear not, we've taken the guesswork out of gifting with our pre-curated gift collections, ensuring you don't spend hours agonising over the perfect present.

We offer it all, from a large gift box to small gift boxes, from the no-frills 'New Start' to the all-out 'Luxury' box - there's a treat to match all budgets and dazzle every recipient.  Our Christmas gift sets are your go-to for hassle-free, delightful surprises.

There you go - a whistle-stop tour through The Ink Pot's trove of treasures, tailor-made for Christmas gifting.  Whether it’s a bespoke notebook for Aunt Arabella or a snazzy pen set for Cousin Jack, we’ve got something to tickle every fancy.  So, pop the kettle on, put your feet up, and rest easy knowing your festive shopping is sorted……because with our help your Christmas is less about last-minute panics and more about cracking smiles with thoughtful gifts.