Discover The Ink Pot's New Range of Luxury Note Cards

Ah, the letterbox – it’s a portal of postal possibilities.  But let's face it, if it’s anything like ours, it's usually more of a graveyard for takeaway menus and, more terrifyingly, unwanted bills!   It’s why we wanted to swoop in, like a knight in shining armour (or should we say, ink-smudged stationer?), to sprinkle a dash of delight for letterboxes everywhere, with our gorgeous new range of British made, luxury note cards.  This cute stationery is designed to give a little frisson of joy as it lands on your doormat, because our fabulous notecards are anything but dull and a great way to say, “you’re in my thoughts”!

A Touch of Class Through the Letterbox

Imagine the sheer joy of seeing amongst the morning pile of suspect flyers and council tax updates on your doormat, a charming, hand-written envelope, enclosing a hand-stamped notecard!

This excitement of seeing something with actual handwriting on it, is made even more special when you bend down to pick it up, thanks to the quality of the luxury paper we use.  It's enough to make anyone stop what they’re doing; to take a little time out of the busy day!  We say, pop the kettle on and sit down at the table and read what’s inside, with a big smile on your face.

Eco-Chic and Oh-So-British

In the creative hub of our Oxfordshire workshop, AKA The Ink Pot HQ, the idea was born to create notelets that would spread joy through the post. And so here they are; our first, carefully crafted series of premium note cards.  They scream, (or rather, elegantly proclaim), "I'm eco-friendly, I'm British, and, by gosh, I'm glamorous!"

Each card is a mini masterpiece, stamped by our own fair hands with motifs that are a mix of charming, bold, and refined.  Made in the UK, these notelets feature only the finest FSC certified, 100% virgin EFC Fibre, acid-free card stock.  In short, they’re practically a love letter to sustainability.

The material we chose to work with was selected with as much care as the designs stamped upon it.  FSC Certified paper ensures our card stock has been sourced from forests managed with strict environmental, social, and economic standards.  Since its inception in 1993, the Forest Stewardship Council has been at the forefront of promoting sustainable forestry worldwide.  

Furthermore, these cards are made from virgin ECF fibre – which means these fibres are bleached without harmful chlorine compounds, ensuring a cleaner, greener production process.  

Additionally, being acid-free means our cards won’t yellow or degrade, allowing your words to be preserved for future generations to cherish, as vibrant and fresh as the day they were penned.

If you ever wondered if luxury stationery, i.e. high-quality card in a luxurious envelope could truly excite, we’re here to tell you that it really can!  So, bid farewell to the impersonal nature of digital messages and revel in the delight of sending something tangible, via snail mail, that promises to brighten someone’s day.

Choose from three stunning sets – with different colour options – that are perfect for any occasion

1. Lux Mix Notecards:

Featuring hand-stamped palm trees, flamingos, stars, cocktails, hearts and pi

2. Animal Notecards:

Who wouldn’t want a note featuring a majestic gold dolphin or a cheeky pink turtle?  Or a vibrant butterfly, cute hedgehog, perky flamingo or bold bee?  Perfect for your animal-loving Auntie or your cuteness-addicted friend.


These are the ultimate thank you cards!  Is there anything more splendid than scribbling a ‘merci beaucoup’ in the language of love, especially when it's gold-foiled on a swanky card?  It's like saying "you're quite fabulous" with a French accent and a wink!  And if you really want to lay on the charm, why not opt for a bold statement on a sumptuous 700gsm black card that doesn't just say, but practically purrs, "I'm seriously classy."

Customise and Make it Your Own!

Now, if you're like us and think, "But what if I want a flamingo on a black card with a hint of neon?" fear not!  The Ink Pot loves a good bespoke request.  Fancy a different card weight, a unique foil stamp, or a seriously funky colour combination?  The Ink Pot is all ears and ready to hand-stamp your wildest dreams on our luxurious card stock.  We’re just a call away from turning your bespoke fantasies into tactile realities. 

Pens: The Art of the Handwritten Note

There's something irreplaceably wonderful about receiving a  card that someone has taken the time to handwrite.  Choosing the card, picking up an actual pen (how retro!), and then walking to the post-box might mean every note is a bit of a workout, true, but it also gives it an authentic touch. 

When it comes to scrawling your signature style across luxury notecards, the pen you choose is as crucial as the words you write.  Step up your game with calligraphy pens – our favourites are brush pens – these are ideal for flowing fonts and dramatic flourishes.  Or keep it classic with a black pen or a blue pen, for a crisp, timeless touch.  

Fancy a bit of flair?  Grab some vibrant, coloured pens to splash your sentiments in a spectrum of shades.  For those who like to sparkle, glitter gel pens add a pop of pizzazz, while metallic pens, or a glorious gold pen are ideal for writing on black notecards. 

Our preferred writing implements are always gel pens, for smooth lines that glide like butter across paper. With the right pen, your message isn't just seen; it's showcased!

Ready to Delight?

In this era of digital domination, and a world where emojis control communication, opting for a card which features actual handwriting on it (!), is akin to choosing a gourmet meal over fast food - it’s simply a classier choice.  And, it’s a choice proving to be even more important than ever.  

Whether you’re a traditionalist who delights in the feel of thick card between your fingers, or a modernist who loves a splash of colour, The Ink Pot’s new collection is ready to convert even the most reluctant writer to the joys of snail mail.  And let’s face it, in a time when the most exciting thing delivered by the postman is often a takeaway menu, receiving one of our notecards could just be the highlight of the week.