Bullet Journals are for lawyers…

… well not just for lawyers. But I can honestly say that the Bullet Journal method has changed the way I plan my life. I am currently spending hours planning meals and shopping which, as you all know, is quite tricky at the moment. And I am also working on legal disputes (which is my “proper” job), managing remote-learning for the three children, looking after a litter of puppies…

…and helping with The Ink Pot. There is a lot to do and jobs can get missed and the bullet journal method has helped enormously and been a lot of fun.

 A lot of people and children who use bullet journals do so in a more creative way than me (which would not be hard) and I get abuse about my handwriting all the time. But the point, for me, is that bullet journals can help you plan more efficiently and luckily Eva and her little sister, Amelia, help with making my pages look better than I can achieve on my own.

But, in my view, the key for professional people is to stop writing only daily to-do-lists.  I have always written a to-do list since I started work “some time ago” (no, not before computers, Eva!) and the problem with them is that you never manage to get all the jobs done so (a) have to re-write half the tasks again the next day and (b) feel a sense of failure every day. I am not suggesting you don’t write a list every day but many jobs just need to be done at some point and therefore alongside your jobs for the day you can write your jobs for the week. Eva has created this for me for next week:

But some people prefer doing a Monthly (and Daily and Yearly) Log as set out in the Ryder Carroll book, The Bullet Journal Method. I would heartily recommend this book for anyone who thinks their organisation-skills needs a boost. You don’t need an Ink Pot Journal to become a bullet journaler but if you want a beautiful one which you can make look stunning inside, ours are the ones for you.

This is mine:

But take a look at our other options. Our journals are customisable so YOU choose the colour of book, the image and the colour of foil so you can get the perfect one for you.

Kirsten xx