8 Bullet Journal Strategies for Spring-Cleaning Success

Journalling to Cleanliness

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Ah, Spring….launching officially on 21st March.  It’s that delightful season when the flowers bloom, the days grow longer, and our thoughts turn to... spring cleaning.  Well, perhaps not for all of us!   Certainly, if you're anything like me, the very notion of getting stuck into tidying the house evokes a shudder of dread.  But fear not, I’ve discovered the secret weapon in the war against clutter and grime: the humble notebook.   

Inspired by countless hours watching decluttering videos on YouTube, each more therapeutic than the last, and looking at the serene faces of those who cast off their material shackles, I decided to give it a go!   Armed only with a dotted journal and stationery set, which included a favourite pen and pencil, I embarked on the most epic spring clean of my life.  And so… here I am, to share a tale of triumph (and the occasional tribulation) with you, as well as some great bullet journal page ideas.

For those uninitiated in the journal notebook arts, a bujo isn't just a note book - it's a way of life.  It’s where organisation meets creativity, enabling anyone to manage all their responsibilities with flair and a definitive plan.   And, when it comes to spring cleaning, it also provides a guide to do it all again next year, only better.

The Soul-Cleansing Power of Decluttering

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The first step was making the conscious decision to actually put a plan together!  Flicking through the blank dot paper pages of my chosen A5 size journal,  - you can use note books that are B5 size and ones with lined paper too - my mind buzzed with journaling ideas I’d seen on Pinterest and Instagram. 

I realised that this diary of mine, which would soon be adorned with washi tape and scribbles from various gel pens and colouring pens, would become more than just a collection of notes; it would be a beacon of hope; a master guide to a future clutter free home!  Now, who doesn’t want that!

For me, my most important stage was to create a ‘command centre’ – aka, a monthly planner and weekly planner section!   

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This would become the place where I could collate my favourite bullet journal ideas, transforming them into actionable plans.  In short, this was no ordinary plan.  Oh no!  This became my working ‘new you plan’, a blueprint for decluttering transformation.  

Each page in my A5 notebook was then converted into a daily planner; one that was no longer just about appointments and reminders, but a chronicle of the journey from chaos to order, one dotted notebook page at a time. 

It was so therapeutic devising beautiful bullet journal spreads dedicated to each area of my home or life that needed an overhaul and then, the best bit, awaiting to give the triumphant tick of a task completed. 

The Arsenal of Organisation

If you’re anything like me, when you are faced with a mammoth task, you like to make sure you have all the right kit, before embarking on the journey. 

I made sure that I was equipped with an array of tools that would inspire me…and keep me on track.  In this instance, I made sure to personalise my decluttering journals so I could grab the right one instantly. 

I furnished myself with my favourite pencils, colouring pencils, (only Faber Castell will do), and brush pens, as well as good black pens, to make notes and my favourite Washi tape designs for borders and sectioning.  Last, but not least I picked out some zebra pens to act as the perfect highlighters to illuminate my path through the clutter.

Now fully loaded, my bullet journal, with its dotted paper, became the canvas for my journaling ideas, a visual representation of my journey.

Engaging the Enemy: Clutter

With the plan set, I dove into the fray, room by room, category by category.  The planner became my general, and I, its loyal soldier, who marched to the rhythm it set.   Here are the 8 most productive ways I found an A5 planner helped me spring clean my way to a sparkling home:

  1. Spring Cleaning Preparation Spreads

Benjamin Franklin’s mantra, “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail” is the bedrock of everything, when it comes to a successful spring clean. 

Don’t be put off by the mess before you, simply open your blank notebook and approach the task ahead with steely determination!  Before the ceremonial wielding of the first duster and bin bag, it’s crucial to transform your daily planner into a command centre of spring-cleaning ambition.  

Meticulously chart out your battle plan.  It will help ensure you have the right tools for the work – from boxes for storage and bags for charity, to cleaning equipment galore – before you start. 

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Additional decisions loom large – will you charge room by room, or will the KonMari Method's call to declutter by category lead you to victory?  It’s entirely your choice and your bullet journal notebook, resplendent with potential, holds the key to triumph.

  1. Deciding What Sparks Joy

In this solemn moment, your chosen A5 size journal or B5 notebook serves as the sage to your chaos conundrum; a trusted confidante in which to work through your deepest decluttering dilemmas.  

Deciding what sparks joy soon becomes less a chore and more a journey of self-discovery, each page a testament to the items that truly deserve a place in your life.  As you consult its pages, it whispers back, guiding you to keep only those treasures that light up your soul with joy.

  1. Tracking Progress

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This is all about the thrill of conquest!  There's little that compares to the rapture of seeing how well you are doing in your cleaning quest.  Each tick, each colourful flourish of the pen, marks a victory against the forces of mess and disorder.  Watching your progress bloom on the pages, with trackers that span the realms of rooms and categories, propels you forward, each completed task a badge of honour.

  1. Inspirational Before and After Shots

In the pages of your bullet journal, inspirational before and after shots stand as monuments to grit and determination.  These are not mere photographs; they are epic tales of transformation, captured in vivid colour; each before and after a saga of triumph over disorder.

Pasted with pride into your notebook, they serve as powerful reminders of your journey, inspiring tales of decluttering prowess for months to come.

  1. Detailed Cleaning Lists

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I can’t recommend creating detailed cleaning lists more highly!  It really helped me to visually see, and note, each dragon to be slain in the quest for a tidy realm!  The lists become my scrolls of destiny, guiding my every move – and keeping me on track to reach my Holy Grail!  

It’s so true that as you tick off tasks, a sense of euphoria envelops you, the joy of completion an addictive potion, spurring you on to further heroic cleaning deeds!

  1. Tidying Rota

After the dust has settled and the clutter vanquished, the bullet journal becomes the keeper of peace and the bulwark against a future messy invasion, with a refined tidying rota. 

This sacred scroll details the rituals of maintenance, ensuring my kingdom remains a haven of tranquillity and order.  Daily, weekly, monthly tasks are laid out in meticulous order, a testament to ongoing vigilance against the forces of anarchy.

  1. Breaking Down Large Tasks

Another top tip is when faced with a task as daunting as the Gordian Knot, your bullet journal offers a sword of simplicity, offering the space to break down each large undertaking.   

Each mammoth mission can be dissected into manageable quests, making the insurmountable suddenly surmountable.  With each small victory, the bigger battle is won.

  1. The Digital Cleanse

In the modern age, not all clutter is physical.   Don’t forget to include a digital cleanse list in your spring-cleaning planning.   A cluttered email inbox, a computer desktop strewn with forgotten files – these too will fall before your organisational prowess, guided by your bujo's wisdom.  

Just imagine how amazing it will feel to have order restored in both your physical and digital domains.

The Aftermath: A Sparkling Abode

As the final task was ticked off, I stepped back to admire my handiwork. My home, once a battleground of clutter and chaos, was now a serene haven, all thanks to the mighty bullet journal.  I had not just decluttered my space; I had rejuvenated my spirit.  

And as I added a final decorative touch to my notebook pages using washi tape and scribbled a reflective note with a colourful gel pen, I knew that this was just the beginning.

In the world of spring cleaning, my cute notebooks are not just notebooks!  They are diaries of victory, a collection of journaling ideas brought into reality.  And as the sun set on the cleanest home I'd ever had, I realised something profound: the true power of journalling is not just in the planning, but in the doing.  

I didn’t expect perfection, but starting small and tracking my progress - doing a little every day - soon added up to a lot.  So, if the mere thought of spring cleaning once made you quake….fret no more!  Using the bullet journal method, you won’t just transform your home, you may just find yourself eagerly anticipating your next clutter-busting crusade.