30 Things to Celebrate this April

Whisper it, Spring may finally be here!  The sun, no longer a stranger, beckons The Ink Pot HQ to share the best of April days.  These promise to be more than a footnote in the diary, scribbled note in the weekly planner or observation in the dot journal.  Make a cup of tea, grab a notebook and gel pen, because, for all you curious minds out there, here's what’s coming up:

1st-30th April: Stress Awareness Month

Stress Awareness Month is here!  The mantra?  Small actions equal big changes.  Our top tip: embrace mindfulness with a bullet journal by your side.  It's a (proven) secret weapon against stress.

1st April: April Fool’s Day

The ultimate day of fun!  Keeping our eyes peeled for pranks and hoaxes in the news is a tradition we hold dear – as our journals filled with our favourites can testify.  It’s always good not to take ourselves too seriously!

2nd April: Autism Awareness Day

A beacon of hope and understanding, this is all about sharing stories that provide opportunities to increase understanding of autism.  The Ink Pot supports local charity Autism Family Support Oxfordshire.

3rd April: Find a Rainbow Day

Head outside and let rainbows remind you of hope and joy.  Perfect for those in need of a smile or a splash of colour.  We say grab your colouring pencils – we recommend Faber Castell – and draw one, if you fail to spot one!

4th April – International Carrot Day

What’s Up, Doc?  Get ready to paint the town orange in celebration!  Whether it's donning brightest tangerine attire, jotting down recipes in our burnt orange A5 notebook, or baking the fluffiest carrot cake, today's all about revelling in the crunchiest of veggies.

5th April – National Walk to Work Day

It's time to give your commute a makeover.  Grab a note book – it doesn’t matter if it has lined paper or dot paper - some colourful gel pens and try to map your route.  Lace up those trainers and say goodbye to buses, trains, cars, and the tube. Embrace the pavement as your new best friend.  Let’s just hope the sun shines!

6th April – Tartan Day

A day to celebrate the heritage, spirit and achievement of Scots around the globe.  Whether you're leading a parade or raising a glass of whisky in quiet tribute, it's the perfect moment to dive into the rich tapestry of Scottish history.  

7th April – World Health Day

"Health is not a privilege; it's a right."  This World Health Day, we're rallying behind the theme 'My health, my right.'  With challenges like disease, pollution, and inequality threatening well-being, it's time to stand up for access to quality health services for all.  

8th April – Draw a Bird Day

This celebrates the touching story of 7-year-old Dorie Cooper, who brought light to a dark time by asking her war-wounded uncle to draw a bird.  This simple act of joy and creativity spread, becoming a symbol of hope and resilience.  Dorie's legacy lives on, inspiring us to find happiness in this simplest of gestures.  At The Ink Pot, we love birds – it’s why two of our hot foil stamp designs feature them.  Why not pick one of our OWL or HUMMINGBIRD notebooks – in A5 size or B5 size – a few pencils and pens and bring your favourite bird to life on the pages.  

9th April – Unicorn Day

Unicorn Day is an official excuse to sprinkle a little magic into the day.  We say gather a rainbow of pens and pencils and some glitter tape, for adding extra joy and sparkle to everything you do.

10th April – Siblings Day

Whether they're your best friend or your biggest rival, today's the day to celebrate – or rue - your siblings.  Swap stories, share a laugh, or send a handwritten note to remind them they're stuck with you for life!

11th April – National Pet Day

Calling all animal aficionados!  Today's the purrrfect excuse to pamper your pets.  Dogs may have our heart at The Ink Pot, but today, every pet gets the royal treatment (yes, even the ones with more legs than we'd prefer).  Hmmm, we might even try out some cute animal doodles in our current dotted notebook, using a brush pen or two.

12th April – World Hamster Day

Who knew tiny furballs could steal the spotlight?  It's World Hamster Day, and we're all about celebrating these adorable escapologists!  We’re still hunting for one still MIA – we reckon it’s run off with a local mouse!  

13th April – National Scrabble Day

This is a day where words and wit collide.  Embrace the challenge with our personalised notebookswith a monogram letter — because your Scrabble game just got portable!  Scribble scores, manage moves, and maybe even use the letter, hot foil stamped on the front, as part of your play.  Ready, set, spell!

14th April – International Moment of Laughter Day

We thought we’d start by borrowing the rib-tickler voted last year’s Edinburgh Fringe funniest:  "I started dating a zookeeper - but it turned out he was a cheetah."  Got your own zingers?  Scribble them in your daily planner and spread the giggles.  Today, let's make laughter contagious!

15th April – World Art Day

Celebrate Leonardo da Vinci's birthday by unleashing your inner artist.  No need to master every art form like he did; just grab your dotted journal with its flat lay pages and let your creativity flow.  Our premier paper can handle any masterpiece - there’ll be no bleed-through!

16th April – World Semicolon Day

A day of hope and continuation; World Semicolon Day reminds us our stories aren't over.  It's a powerful message of survival and resilience; one where a mindfulness book comes into its own.  Today, it’s all about honouring the journey and stories yet to be told.

17th April – Blah Blah Blah Day

This is the day that acts as an impetus to get things done!  It’s time to tune back in and tackle those tasks you've been ignoring.  A5 or B5 notebook in hand, list out and then COMPLETE everything you’ve been putting off!

18th April – World Heritage Day

With 29 UNESCO sites in the UK alone, it's time to start planning some adventures.  From Stonehenge to the Lake District, make a list in your favourite note books and explore the wonders on your doorstep.

19th April – Primrose Day

Here's a quirky bit of history: Primrose Day celebrates not just any statesman, but Benjamin Disraeli, under a floral misconception!  Queen Victoria sent primroses to his funeral, hinting at a favourite flower.  Plot twist?  They were Albert's favourite, not Disraeli's.  Yet, the primrose became his emblem by happy accident.  This April 19th, why not sport a primrose and delve into the delightful mix-ups of history?  Failing that, just enjoy one of our bold yellow notebooks!

20th April – Pizza Delivery Driver Appreciation Day

Today, we salute the unsung heroes of our lazy evenings.  Tip your hat (and a little extra) to your pizza delivery driver.  We say, be generous with the pepperoni and don’t forget, speed is of the essence!

21st April – National Tea Day

Surely the most British day of the year!  National Tea Day brews up a storm – and wholesome wellness - across the UK with events that toast our beloved favourite hot drink.  Sip, savour, and support a good cause—one cup at a time.

22nd April – Earth Day

A global call to action, Earth Day is our reminder to treat our planet with kindness and respect.  Engage, educate, and make every day an Earth Day. The world is in our hands – find an event near you, and get involved.

23rd April – St George’s Day

Fun fact: St George, famed for dragon-slaying, wasn't even English!  He's a global hero, also patron saint to places like Portugal and Ethiopia. Imagine that – a world traveller without a passport.  Today, celebrate with a nod to St George, a true international man of mystery.  Got some dragon-sized challenges in need of conquering?  Write them down in your journal notebook and tick them off, one by one.

24th April – Scream Day

Feeling the pressure?  Let it all out on Scream Day!  A day dedicated to the cathartic release of belting out a good shriek.  Just warn the neighbours first!

25th April – World Penguin Day

Penguin lovers, unite!  Today we waddle in honour of these charming, aquatic birds facing the challenges of changing climates.  

26th April – Hug an Australian Day

Spread some love Down Under style.  Whether they're near or far, find an Aussie and give them a big bear hug.  It's all about ‘mateship’ today, mate!

27th April – International Design Day

This International Design Day, with its theme: “Is it Kind?”, delves into the impact of design on our world.  From the aesthetic to the functional, design shapes our lives in countless ways. 

28th April – Global Pay it Forward Day

Today, do something nice for someone else without expecting anything in return. The kindness movement is contagious—let's start an epidemic.

29th April – International Dance Day

"Turn up the tunes and dance like nobody's watching!"  Today's you’re official allowed to boogie on down with the best of them.  ABBA in the morning, Mozart at night?  Why not!  Let the rhythm take you where it may.

30th April – International Jazz Day

Whether you're a seasoned jazz cat or just jazz-curious, this is another day to bask in the beats – ones that shaped music history. 

As April's days unfold with their unique blend of sun and showers, remember this spring season is simply a canvas for fun.  Our vibrant collection of custom notebooks stands ready to record each moment, from spontaneous dance routines to bird drawings and favourite jokes.  Pick your writing instrument, from micron pens and Posca pens to Zebra pens and metallic pens, as well as some washi tape, and embrace the rhythm of April.  Every day is an opportunity to create and celebrate the season.