10 ‘Must-See Events’ For Your Diary This Spring

10 ‘Must-See Events’ For Your Diary This Spring

Spring in the UK is a time of transformation; where, if we’re lucky (!), our grey skies relent a little and allow the occasional sunbeam through!  And when the sun does appear, our landscapes burst into glorious technicolour.  It's the perfect time to shake off the winter blues and throw ourselves into new adventures.  Whether you're an art aficionado, a nature lover, or someone who enjoys the quirky and unique, it’s time to get planning some exciting days out.  So, grab your favourite A5 notebook or your daily planner, off your desk and pick your best journaling pens, because we're about to dive into a whirlwind of springtime fun across the UK.  It’s time to get your ticklist ready because, here is The Ink Pot's ultimate guide to Springtime fun:

  1. Lego Artistry at The Boiler House

6 March – 12 May:  Starting our journey on a creative note, The Art of The Brick, on the perfectly named in this instance, Brick Lane, is a must-visit.  Witness Lego's transformation into art as artist Nathan Sawaya recreates iconic masterpieces with millions of tiny Lego pieces – just think Vermeer’s ‘The Girl with the Pearl Earring’ and Munch’s ‘The Scream’.  Our top tip is not to forget your best dot grid notebook, for jotting down your very own impressions, artistic or otherwise!  This is an outing that will appeal to kids of every age, making it the perfect family outing.   

  1. A Tail-Wagging Affair at CRUFTS

7 – 10 March: Next, we're off to Crufts, the pinnacle of canine celebrations.  Whether you're a dog owner or simply a dog enthusiast, this event is bound to leave you smiling.  With your notebook in hand, make a plan to explore your favourite stalls (there are over 350 to visit), ensuring you don't miss any of the action. And a black gel pen is perfect for listing favourite breeds or for those heartfelt moments, like noting down the stories of rescue dogs that capture your imagination.  Why not bring a pencil case full of art pens too – the kids will enjoy drawing canine capers in their note book – we recommend A5 size for portability!

  1. On the Trail of the Lindt Gold Bunny

23 March – 14 April: imagine hopping along to the historic Hampton Court Palace and hunting for Lindt Gold Bunny statues, hiding in the lush grounds.  A reliable black pen would be ideal for mapping a route through the VERY LARGE gardens (trust us!) in an A5 size journal, so you don’t get lost and don't forget to pack some colouring pencils for a bit of artistic fun along the way – the myriad blooms and the Palace’s Tulip Festival are an incredible inspiration.

  1. Fashion Icons at Blenheim Palace

23 March – 30 June: history hobbyists and couture connoisseurs rejoice! A visit to Blenheim Palace, which is showcasing the work of British fashion legends, ticks both boxes! It's an opportunity to see the evolution of style alongside the palace's stunning art collection. Why not take time to sketch or note your favourite designs. For this only a B5 notebook will do!  Not only is it the ideal size for detailed observations, its flat lay, premier paper is perfect for even the most enthusiastic drawing – meaning there won’t be any bleeding through to the other side! Grab that pen and pencil as well as those brush pens, colourful marker pens and pastel highlighters and let your inner Vivienne Westwood shine!

  1. Blooms and Blossoms at the Harrogate Spring Flower Show

25 – 28 April: April showers bring May flowers, and nowhere is this more evident than at the Harrogate Spring Flower Show. It's a horticultural heaven with endless displays of spring blooms.  Take along pencils, or black pens, as well as notebooks with lined paper or a dotted journal – they will prove invaluable for jotting down gardening tips and planting inspiration.

  1. Preparation & Planners for The Cheltenham Jazz Festival

1 – 6 May: this is an auditory feast for music lovers. Put it in your diary planner now!  Experience the vibrant jazz scene through intimate performances and grand stages alike. A blank notebook is essential for jotting down your favourite acts or making a note of new artists to check out. 

  1. Medieval Merriment at Glastonbury Abbey

27 – 28 April: step back in time at the Glastonbury Abbey Medieval Fayre. With jousting, market stalls, and living history encampments, there's much to see and do.  We recommend you take one of our note books, grab some highlighters and gel pens to make some essential field notes, before diving into the mediaeval madness! 

  1. The St David’s Cathedral Music Festival

24 – 29 May: for those seeking a soul-stirring experience, the St David’s Cathedral Music Festival offers unparalleled acoustics and performances. Keep a dot paper notebook handy to reflect on the music and the serene setting.  It’s the perfect pairing of mindfulness and relaxation – one that assures a wholesome wellness. It’s definitely an event we’re popping in our own diary planner!

  1. National Gallery on Tour

Opens 10 May: celebrating its 200th anniversary, the National Gallery is coming to you! This is a rare chance to see 12 of the nation’s most iconic paintings up close, without having to travel up to London.  This is most definitely the time to take along luxury notebooks to record your impressions of these masterpieces, a keepsake of your cultural journey.

  1. Edinburgh International Children’s Festival

25 May – 2 June: our final event for the weekly planner is the Edinburgh International Children's Festival.  It’s a wonderful celebration of imagination and storytelling – taking place in one of our favourite cities.  It’s a fantastic way for families to engage with theatre and dance.  This is the perfect moment to open up a notebook with black paper!  It provides a dramatic background for you to write stories, doodle and note experiences using neon pens and metallic marker pens, so you can look back at the memories and treasure them for years to come.

As we wrap up our springtime adventure across the UK, it's clear that there's no shortage of experiences waiting to be discovered.  From the historical to the horticultural, the artistic to the whimsical, every moment is an opportunity for fun….something we are all sorely in need of right now! So, here's to adventures, creativity, and the joy of discovery. Just don’t forget to take your Ink Pot notebook with you!  Happy spring everyone!