Bullet journals are hugely popular with children as well as adults. Young children sometimes use their journals differently to adults (see below). As you will see, there is often a passion for funny quotes, a considerable (excessive?!) use of washi tape and not quite so much organising as adults.

Older children and teens will use their bullet journals quite like adults for organisation and planning purposes. Some particularly popular spreads are below.

Mood trackers are popular (and see the mental health benefits of journaling here)

And study trackers (see how to use your journal for studying here):




And any other type of tracker or Log like this Gratitude Log which Eva created during lockdown:

Younger children also love bullet journals. Eva's little sister has created lots of lovely pages in her journals - often with an excessive use of washi tape (!). They are mostly fun quotes or pictures and the occasional packing list. We hear the most wonderful stories about how bullet journals are being used by younger children. They watch youtube videos obsessively and mine Pinterest for ideas to copy.  Here are some of little sis's images:



And monthly and weekly spreads are fun for children to create even if they don't intend to use them very much for organisational purposes. Some further ideas are here.